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Power is wisdom. Part of wisdom is in the universal understanding that sound is the source of all things known. It is this vibratory force which inspires us, nurtures us, and enchants us. We are mesmerized in this force, and we surrender all life and meaning to it. Sympathetic to the powers of this mysterious and all encompassing force, Monatomic Records presents a contemporary music catalog performed by cutting edge - award winning artists, designed both technically and creatively to unify the listener with this infinite vibratory intelligence and evoke a new state of collective-consciousness.






Why 432Hz?

In 1932 an influential Nazi named Joseph Goebbels was instrumental in changing the standard tuning of all instruments from 432 Hz, to a new tuning standard of 440 Hz. All instruments and all music publishing from then on would be in a standard 440Hz tuning. In 1940. The United States adopted this new tuning standard, and since 1953 this tuning has been the only accepted tuning in music and is still used exclusively today.

Science has since discovered the vibratory/oscillatory nature of the universe. These discoveries indicate the tuning standard of 440Hz generates an unhealthy effect on brain wave patterns, leading to anti-social behavior in the consciousness of human beings. Through dissonance, disharmony and mathematical disunity, the destructive effects of 440Hz on the human mind causes a disruption of synergy, harmony and inner-peace with the natural flow of energy within the universe itself. In fact, this disruption is not just "out of tune" with nature, but it is mathematically perfectly dissonant (exactly opposite). To put the magnitude of this fundamental change in music into perspective, music tuned to 432Hz has a natural healing effect on the body and mind that can be measured in a laboratory. This effect can make the listener extremely lucid, accompanied with a soothing feeling of being held in love. Contrarily, 440Hz entrains the human brainwaves in an opposite pattern and toward disunity, essentially making the listener a sponge for negative energy.

We plan to change that! Give our page a like and follow along as release multiple genres of music produced in 432hz.